1. More floating peeps!


  2. One of your slipper is here.


  3. OK, let’s celebrate National Sibling Day! If you don’t have one, grab a tiger :)


  4. Lil’ floater lady. 


  5. A good pineapple booty trick :)


  6. Meet MacGyver, my sleepy lunch date who disassembles any treat jars with his trusty paperclip!

    Custom miniature portraits, see the rest here!



  8. In college we had an autographed photo of Robert Stack hung in our bathroom, hee hee. 


  9. Whoa, just saw my #pryonmurmurs3 zine in the current issue of @juxtapozmag! So nice, thanks @epricco



  11. Here’s my Name Game Shame piece for the scribble project exhibition coming up in Australia later this year. It’s kinda funny to write about yourself .


  12. Mondays are perfect for toting some waves and then pooping some hats!


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  13. "More than words." The little man there could be Nuno Bettencourt featured here from my Pry on Murmurs II Zine.

    (Source: evahfan.com)


  14. Top one is the original collage I made, churning it into new posters below. Now available, two versions, I’ll patty cake ya :)

    The Scoop Poster

    This is happening in the other room… 

    Collaged with security enveoples and remixed with my drawings. 10 x 15 inches or 25.4 x 38.1 cm, single color printed on oatmeal stock. Choose between BLACK or BLUE versions.

    Poster will ship in a tube separately.


    (Source: evahfan.com)



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