1. Yay! Last piece of the puzzle! I just finished a series of paintings for an upcoming 2015 calendar project, being published very soon!


  2. Brendan Monroe - Mr. Lazarre
    [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

    plays: 26


    Herring Fro Plum recordings :)


  3. A tiny one of the queen of all pack rats! It’s for an upcoming group show celebrating female heroes.

    More miniature portraits can be seen here.


  4. San Francisco Zine Fest is happening this weekend, I will lug all my paper goods there, hope to see you there! In case you are far, they are also available on my shop section :)

    1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way (in Golden Gate Park)

    Saturday 8/30 - 11am - 5pm

    Sunday 8/31 - 11am - 4pm


  5. Hawaiian breeze ~ I’m working a series of paintings for an upcoming calendar project!


  6. An illustration about censored baby photos for their protection of privacy. Read the full article here.


  7. Let’s get out of the house! I’m participating in The Last Cat's one night art group show this Friday, August 8, 2014 at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. There’s more details hereHope to see you there! 


  8. Szechuan peppers can do this to ya ~


  9. Amazon boy, drop it like it’s hot.


  10. Watched a movie and then Mr.Neville ended up in my dime bag. If you are near Brooklyn, check out the Dime Bag 4 show curated by Jordin Isip. Lots of amazing artwork fitting into tiny dime bags! The show runs until late August, go ~ 

    The End is Near Gallery

    465A 7th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11215 

  11. Summer is a good time for a little miniature golf action on Mars! This is another piece I painted for the Life on Mars group show currently at Grumpy Bert in Brooklyn. Check out some photos here. The show is up until 7/13!


  12. Meet Serge, a sunflower floating around.


  13. Happy Midsummer guys! Don’t know about that pole thing though…


  14. Sure is Dusty on Mars, 6 x 6 inches, gouache on panel. This is one of the two pieces I painted for the Life on Mars group show currently at Grumpy Bert in Brooklyn!


  15. Hi! I have an exhibition of drawings and small paintings on paper with Brendan Monroe coming up this Saturday, 5/31 in Taipei :)

    Black and Night
    Shimokitazawa Generations
    5/31 Opening 18:00-20:00
    5/31~6/22 / SAT-SUN / 12:00-20:00

    Brendan Monroe (USA) and Evah Fan (USA, Taiwan) are husband and wife artists based in Oakland, California. For their fist exhibition in Taiwan, Monroe will showcase recent “Black” ink drawings that are primarily based on landscapes abstracted in topographic lines, while Fan has created a new series of delicate characters floating and dreaming among the stars of the “Night” sky. They are frequent publishers of zines and have shown their work in France, Canada, Sweden and the United States.

    日前來自日本的人氣刊物「Knock」也曾於第二刊探訪過這對可愛的藝術家夫妻,來自美國加州奧克蘭的藝術家Brendan Monroe與他的插画家妻子Evah Fan,即將在本月底於下北沢世代店舖舉行微型插画聯展

    這是一個簡單又美好的展覽,關於黑白與線條之間的想像延伸,或許是一個科幻故事的場景,亦或是平凡生活中的逗趣表現。無論如何,每每觀看他們的作品總是能感受到Brendan Monroe內在反覆思考探索,以及Evah Fan對於生活的愉悅開心互補。本次除了繪画作品外,更帶來他們的個人小出版作品書冊一同於店舖進行展售 ~


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